Business in a box

It all started one night on my couch…
I was an exhausted new mom and new doctor, with a brand new practice and the weight of the world on my shoulders. 
I had to make it work. 
We had just invested so much into this practice, and I knew there had to be more than this constant hustling for new patients. 

So onto Google I went.

And what I found there set the wheels in motion for building what I have today – a thriving, growing, full practice that operates solely online, allowing me to be fully present for my patients all over the country, and be fully present for my babies when I shut the laptop down. 
It has truly become “the best of both worlds” – and I am so excited to have put this program together for you too. 

It’s everything I learned and went through over the past few years of building – including the mistakes I made so that you don’t have to! – all rolled up into one 6 month “mentorship” designed to hand you your own thriving, growing full practice. 

I committed myself to learning from the best, and I’ve brought that team with me into this program, where they will work with and for you, so you get the same results. 

Here's What It is

It’s time to build a family friendly, location independent business – let’s free your time, increase your impact, and have no ceiling on how far you can scale it. 


I have 3 vital pieces to my business model: 

   1- 21-Day bootcamps 

   2- 6 week programs 

   3- a membership community 


So let’s build you exactly that! 


You can easily add this to a brick and mortar practice, create a business with these as three corner stones, or turn this into your business. 


If I were to do everything over again, this model would be my business. I’d have those 3 pieces and that’s it. 


This is, quite literally, a business in a box. In 6 months, we will: 

  • Help you design and build a bootcamp 
  • Help you design and build a program 
  • Help you design and build a membership 


But that’s not all! If you’re anything like me, you need some help to get them sold. You can have the BEST bootcamp, program, and membership. If your sales page doesn’t speak to the right person in the right way, you won’t be selling any of it. 


Let me call in my sales page and copywriting expert, Terra Atkinson. Her and I have been working together for 2 years now and she’s built my entire website – plus all funnels/landing pages/sales pages. She’ll be there to build yours too. 


Terra will build: 

  • The sales page for your bootcamp 
  • The sales page for your program 
  • The sales page for your membership. 


Cause let’s face it, we think like doctors, not like copywriters. Websites are also one of those things I refuse to touch. There’s only so much room in my brain and time in my life. I’ll save the space and spend the time where I am best at it. 


The other item you’ll need are pretty workbooks for your bootcamp and program. I am no graphic designer and I don’t think you are either. So let me take this off your hands too. In comes my full-time assistant and canva expert, Kelli. She designed all my workbooks for all bootcamps and programs. She’ll be there to design yours too. 


Kelli will build: 

  • The workbook for your bootcamp 
  • The workbook for your program 

And I know what you're thinking...

Is this really for me?

Am I in the right place?

Could this be what I’ve been looking for? 

What if it doesn’t work? 

I know this because those were exactly the questions I asked myself as I was poised on making the biggest investment into my business (and myself) that I had ever made. 
And that’s exactly why I bring in my mindset expert to help you learn what I learned – 
which is that when we feel those roller-coaster-drop exciting butterflies because THIS SEEMS AWESOME – 
Then we are in exactly the right place. 

This container won’t be for everyone. I am only offering it to a limited amount of people because this will require that you are as all in and invested in your success as I am. 

But I do know this – 
if you’re reading this, 
and you’re already wondering how you can make it work, 
then this is for you. 
Go to the link below, 
get more info, and fill out the application. 
It doesn’t commit you to anything at this time, but it will let me know that we should talk further, and we can find a time to answer all your questions and see if this isn’t exactly the thing you’ve been hoping for, praying for, searching for. 


Are You Ready?

Ready to be in a whole different place in 6 months?
Working on YOUR timeline, with the patients that light YOU up, at a price that sets YOU up for success. 

And here’s how we will break it down –

Month 1: messaging, clarity, build your audience 
   Month 2: build your bootcamp
   Month 3 and 4: build your program 
   Month 5: launch your bootcamp; start building your membership 
   Month 6: launch your program; finish building your membership 
   Month 7-12: continue with the group support included with levels 1 and 2.  

All of this via our monthly calls, Tiers 1 and 2, PLUS – one-on-one coaching sessions with dr Kylie and terra (your copy and messaging queen, who will also be building your sales pages). 5, 1 hour sessions total.


Important to Note: DOORS CLOSE SEPTEMBER 6th at noon, MST with the first group calls happening on Sept. 7th.
This is a five figure investment and you must fill out the application to ensure that you are a good fit for this extremely limited opportunity. 
We are only accepting 9 applicants into this round of the program.  
Don’t sleep on this opportunity to have your business finally work for you – instead of the other way around. 


Refund Policy: No refunds. The knowledge gained and the connections made, you’ll always have. You may exit at any time but I do ask that you give it a minimum of 6 months – just like our patients, tremendous progress and impact takes time. This program will uplevel your mindset, your business, your life – but only if you’re all in. 


       In 6 months, you’ll have a completely virtual business that can withstand whatever the world tries to throw at us all. 

Now Is Your Time to Decide

I had two problems that faced me when I built a practice:

1) I didn’t have time to give my life to building a practice. And 2) I didn’t have thousands of bucks to throw at building it, trying to experiment with what worked and what didn’t. 

What I did have was an unwavering belief in the idea that I really could build this business into everything I wanted it to be, everything I dreamed of having. 

I knew that I could be both a mom present for my kids, and a provider present for my patients. 
I just didn’t know HOW
  If you find yourself in similar shoes, I’ll teach you how I not only built a practice designed around family first, but I built a practice that has unlimited reach and unlimited scalability (without making my patients take a second mortgage on their house just for my treatment). 

   Let me teach you how to have a 20 hour work week where the sky is the limit on how much you can make and the impact you can have! 

You and your dreams are worth it!

  Apply for your spot in this program at the button below, and get more information.