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Welcome to Beyond the Diagnosis Mastermind

A few years ago, I was sitting up late, laptop propped on the couch, desperately searching for answers about how to reach more of the people I knew I was here to help. 
What I found that night sent me on a journey to build what I have today – a thriving functional medicine practice, helping people find healing beyond “just a diagnosis”, and living life the way it was intended to – healing and healthy. 
This Mastermind is my way of teaching you everything I’ve learned since that night on my couch. 
If you’re ready to take your practice Beyond your Office, then you’re in the right place. 

Become The Expert

Investment: $297 per month

2 LIVE calls with Dr. Kylie per month

   -(1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11am MST, 1pm EST).

  • Become the Expert LIVE call with Dr. Kylie 
    • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1pm EST (11am MST)
    • We practitioners don’t celebrate our wins enough – especially our patient wins. It’s really easy to get frustrated on the hard cases – just like it’s easy for a coach to identify the things we need to fix. Trust me, I coached several high school volleyball teams and identifying the positives required work. 
      • We will celebrate these wins at the beginning of these calls. 
    • Inside this call, we will break down difficult labs together and help each other out with patient care. All patient care questions are welcome! 
      • This will take up the bulk of the call.
    • We will conclude each call with tips for each other – things that we have found which work well. It’ll be like having multiple experts at your fingertips where we can all learn from each other! 
      • Why? Cause I’m an expert at what I do. But I’m not an expert at everything. You don’t need to be either. Let’s help each other out as I am your biggest cheerleader!

-All calls will be available for replay on the private podcast.

This is just like any other podcast only you’ll need the link to access it. Easy. Convenient. And you can tune in as many times as you’d like.
→ the topic of these calls will be all things labs, protocols, and patient care.

Programs you get access to inside the portal:

  • Protocol Gallery
  • Become a Lab Expert
  • Patient Handouts and Education
  • Guided Meditations
  • BONUS: Legal Contracts and Questionnaires (because we all need to cover our butts)

Master Your Business

Investment: $495 per month

2 LIVE calls with Dr. Kylie and Coach Jen Poulson

–(1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at noon MST, 2pm EST).

  • Master your Business LIVE call with Coach Jen Poulson and Dr. Kylie
    • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2pm EST (noon MST) 
    • I don’t know about you, but I’m a doctor first. I wasn’t born to be an entrepneur (though I absolutely love the ride – most days). My expertise is doctorhood. Jen’s expertise, entrepreneurhood (and so much more!) She has recently joined my team and I can’t wait to bring her to you! She will take the bulk of our calls as we: 
      • heal deep trauma wounds, 
      • gain more confidence, 
      • set healthy boundaries, 
      • implementing self-care practices, 
      • decreased fear and anxiety,
      • build more motivation, 
      • gain a deep understanding of purpose and worth, with deeper levels of inner peace, 
      • more connection in relationships (and healthier relationships), 
      • healthier communication 
      • and more abundance of ALL kinds including money.
    • Before we dive in with Jen though, we will start each call celebrating our wins! Any kind of win – and I can’t wait to hear them! 
    • Q&A for all things related to business
    • The concluding piece of our calls will be “commitment.” We will each identify something we will commit to doing the next two weeks and report back on the next call. 

-All calls will be available for replay on the private podcast.

This is just like any other podcast only you’ll need the link to access it. Easy. Convenient. And you can tune in as many times as you’d like

the topic of these calls will be leveling up our mindset, removing emotional blocks preventing us from gaining the success we seek, and all things business related. 

All of “Become the Expert” is included at this level. 

Programs you get access to inside the portal: 

  • Perfect Pitches – be seen as the authority in the media 
  • Marketing Made Easy
  • Steal My Business Model 

6 Month Incubator

Business In A Box

It’s time to build a family friendly, location independent business – let’s free your time, increase your impact, and have no ceiling on how far you can scale it. 

I have 3 vital pieces to my business model: 

   1- 21-Day bootcamps 

   2- 6 week programs 

   3- a membership community 

So let’s build you exactly that! 

You can easily add this to a brick and mortar practice, create a business with these as three corner stones, or turn this into your business. 

If I were to do everything over again, this model would be my business. I’d have those 3 pieces and that’s it. 

This is, quite literally, a business in a box. In 6 months, we will: 

  • Help you design and build a bootcamp 
  • Help you design and build a program 
  • Help you design and build a membership 

But that’s not all! If you’re anything like me, you need some help to get them sold. You can have the BEST bootcamp, program, and membership. If your sales page doesn’t speak to the right person in the right way, you won’t be selling any of it. 

Let me call in my sales page and copywriting expert, Terra Atkinson. Her and I have been working together for 2 years now and she’s built my entire website – plus all funnels/landing pages/sales pages. She’ll be there to build yours too. 

Terra will build: 

  • The sales page for your bootcamp 
  • The sales page for your program 
  • The sales page for your membership. 

Cause let’s face it, we think like doctors, not like copywriters. Websites are also one of those things I refuse to touch. There’s only so much room in my brain and time in my life. I’ll save the space and spend the time where I am best at it. 

The other item you’ll need are pretty workbooks for your bootcamp and program. I am no graphic designer and I don’t think you are either. So let me take this off your hands too. In comes my full-time assistant and canva expert, Kelli. She designed all my workbooks for all bootcamps and programs. She’ll be there to design yours too. 

Kelli will build: 

  • The workbook for your bootcamp 
  • The workbook for your program


You will also receive access to everything and all calls in the above two tiers. 
There’s so much more to this program than we can pack into this web page – 
Come check out more below. 

Find out more details and all the information to apply for one of our limited spots below. 

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Kylie’s teaching of using every day blood labs to help determine a patients health history and current status combined with her straightforward approach to healing the body has been instrumental in changing the direction of my practice. I now have the confidence to charge appropriately for my time and services, and my revenues soared once I began to implement her system.
Jessica J. Briecke, L.M.T, N.C
When it comes to making sense of managing tough cases and knowing what protocols to use to get success, Dr. Kylie Burton is the best in the world of Functional Medicine. What a joy to hear that she is coming alongside clinicians to give them the amazing clinical tools that she uses!
Dr. Greg Mongeon
Dr Kylie is an incredible teacher. I’ve been an RN before becoming a holistic practitioner so I’m very familiar with labs (or so I thought!) but she sees them in a completely different light! One that makes sense and gets results! I will always recommend and attend any trainings she offers! And her podcast in incredible! So blessed to be able to be a guest on the podcast! Forever grateful for the knowledge she shares.
LaKrista O'Dell,RN, Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Health Coach
Dr. Kylie has given me many lightbulb moments in my business, but learning the bloodwork has been an absolute game changer. I used to run 5 foundational labs on every client which was mucho $$$. Now, I can save my clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars by just reading the bloodwork they already have. I learn something new every time I listen to her.
Kimberly R., FDN-P, Advanced Detoxification Coach

Ready to Take Your Practice Beyond the Diagnosis and Join the Mastermind?

Get more info and choose your level below. 

*As an added bonus, mastermind members at any level will receive a coveted guest spot on Season 4 of the Beyond the Diagnosis Podcast, and be able to reach my audience of 30K per month downloads. *

Choose your level

How will you level up your practice this year? 

Become the expert

$ 297
Per Month
  • 2 LIVE Calls with Dr. Kylie every month
  • Private Podcast
  • Learn about Labs, Protocols & Patient Care
  • Access to my course programs

Master Your Business

$ 495
Per Month
  • 2 Live Calls with Dr. Kylie and Coach Jen Poulson every month
  • Private Podcast
  • All info in Expert + success & growth mindset, best business practices
  • Access to all course programs in Expert + Mindset & Marketing course programs

Business In a Box

$ 15000
One Time Fee
  • All calls from Expert & Master levels
  • Access to all course programs from Expert & Master levels for one year
  • Work closely with Dr. Kylie's entire team to create your signature offerings
  • Build, Grow, and Scale your entire business in a 6 month mindset + strategy business incubator

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